1. Choose A Character

Use the selection wheel to pick one of the three characters to play through the story!

Each character has different skills, which will impact the decisions made during the adventure


2. Make Decisions

Certain pages are split into three paths, each with two different outcomes. Three selection wheels will track progress, items collected, or companions met!

Based on the character as well as the outcome of past choices, the endings will differ. Play many times trying new characters and choices!

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3. Learn, Replay, & Improve

Did the attempt to sneak by the guard as the bulky warrior go awry? Would the rope have helped scale the wall? Next time, they may try a different path!

My First Adventure promotes the development of critical thinking and deductive decision-making through engagement in immersive, fun stories!

Customer Quotes

  • Our girls 8 and 10 love it! Great book and game. Motivates the kids to read on their own as they can not get enough from trying. Really great!

  • Regarding Discovering Atlantis: My Childs's favorite of the series so far. If you like to read to your child and you want to have a nice experience, I recommend the series.

  • My kids own it and they love the whole collection.

  • Beautiful kid's choose-your-own adventure. Can't wait to introduce this one to my niece.

  • A game book that absorbs all of our attention during the adventure, even as an adult. A very good choice of gift for children aged 4 and over.

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Awards For My First Adventure

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Product Details

Segmented Pages Allow For Decisions

Throughout the story there are sections with pages segmented into three different decisions to be made. This can be a choice of which path to take, how to overcome a certain challenge, whom to speak with, or one of many other decisions to be made.

Choose one of the three options, and based on the current situation flip the indicated amount of pages to see what happens! The outcome can be influenced by the character you chose, items you have, etc.

For example, in Journey to Ochre Land making a choice to visit the gardens will reward those playing as the herbalist apprentice, but not those playing as the animal tamer.

Selection Wheels Track Progress

Four selection wheels (one in each corner) are used to track decisions and progress in the story.

The bottom right wheel is used for character selection, while the remaining three are used differently for each story. They can be used to collect items, discover technologies, meet companions, or track a negative consequence of less-than-ideal decisions.

For example, in Discovering Atlantis the wheels track a different type of technology that can be discovered to improve your vessel. But poor decisions result in leaks! This damage leads to a leak and a loss of a technology.

Varied Endings For An Increased Challenge & Replay-ability

Multiple endings of varied success encourage children to learn from their experiences, and think critically about their decisions as they play each time.

As they play, children will learn to think about their current resources and circumstances, and consider which choices would most likely lead to the best result!

Tough Laminated Books | ASTM Lab Tested Production

The book is composed of tough, laminated paper. It is sure to survive sticky fingers, spills, and all sorts of things children will throw at it!

These books have been tested for the full range of ASTM safety standards including...

Who Will They Be This Time?

Three Immersive Adventures

  • Set Off On A Deep-Sea Expedition

  • Choose One Of Three Submarines

  • Travel Through Marine Ecosystems

Venture deep underwater in search of the lost city of Atlantis and find an incredible treasure!

Discover new technology to upgrade your vessel and increase the capacity for further exploration!

Buy Discovering Atlantis

Choose to play as one of three submarines: the agile Manta, the zippy Swordfish, or the hardy Behemoth.

Each vessel has different specialties that will influence outcomes of choices in the story.

Buy Discovering Atlantis

Start on the shore and progress through various marine ecosystems teeming with interesting discoveries.

Encounter aquatic flora and fauna, face a fearsome sea monster, and find the long-lost treasure

Buy Discovering Atlantis

  • Journey Into The Vast Savanna

  • Choose One Of Three Apprentices

  • Explore The Unique Climates

Journey through the Savanna as you investigate the cause of a great drought affecting your village.

Find Items to use along your journey, and meet powerful companions that will be crucial in solving the crisis!

Buy Journey to Ochre Land

Choose to play as one of three young village apprentices, each learning different trades, that will allow them to use different skills during the story.

Mailune the novice huntress, Issa the chatty herder, or Sumai the apprentice gatherer.

Buy Journey to Ochre Land

Throughout your journey you will cross jungles, dry plains, desserts, and mountains.

Along the way you will collect items to use on your quest, as well as meet the powerful village spirits that will be crucial to your mission.

Buy Journey to Ochre Land
Ochre Land Day.jpg__PID:827b256d-e07f-4b72-afd3-815a7eb60128

  • Take Off Into The Stars

  • Choose One Of Three Astronauts

  • Visit Unique Alien Worlds

Get ready to take off on a mission in outer space! Your robot friend sent out a distress beacon, and it is up to you and your team to save him!

Equip your spaceship for the mission, and make new discoveries along the way.

Buy Odyssey of the Phobos

Choose to play as one of three astronauts, each with different skills and a special place on the crew.

Play as Toby the scientist, Gloub the mechanic, or Eclipse the pilot!

Buy Odyssey of the Phobos

Travel to distant planets, visit old spaceship wrecks, and travel through a wormhole in this outer space adventure!

Upgrade your ship along the way, and make unique discoveries.

Buy Odyssey of the Phobos

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is best for the books?

The books are intended for individual play from age 6, but we see children as young as 3 enjoying the books with a caregiver. These storybooks work great as a narrated story for story-time and bedtime as well!

Do The Books Have A lot of replay value?

Using different characters, or the same character making different choices, will ensure many playthroughs of one book.

Even when no stone has been left unturned, we hope the story and vibrant art make the My First Adventure books a favorite of any child for a very long time.

Are there bad endings/are the books hard?

On a rare occasion we hear a concern that a child is disappointed that they did not reach the best ending on their first try. This is intentional and a great thing! The MFA books try to encourage children to overcome challenges through critical thinking and deductive reasoning. The books try to capture that magical moment where a past mistake turns into a future success.

Usually the best ending is achieved through replaying the book, slowing down to consider decisions, assessing the current circumstances, and making informed decisions.

We encourage these situations to be used by caregivers as a great opportunity to discuss challenges, and the process of overcoming them!

Where can I (or friends/family) buy the books?

The books are available here on our very own webstore! We will also be listing the books on other online platforms such as Amazon and Ebay in time.

The books will also be available in select brick-and-mortar retail stores, and we would love to expand this list! We are a new small publisher, so it is very likely that your local toy/book store has not heard of us, or our products.

Please help us reach them either by sending us their information - or even better - suggesting our products to your store and requesting they stock them!

Are there more books coming?

Yes! The MFA line is now 12 books strong in its native marketplace, France. We are working towards localizing more of the line, so your support by purchasing the books, reviewing, and sharing is extremely helpful.

The first line expansion is planned for Winter, 2024!

We are also working on a line of uniquely-themed children's books, as well as an incredibly unique Role-Playing Storybook game system!

If you would like more information, or if you have a submission for us, please reach out to us through our contact form or submission form.

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