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My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis

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Get ready to set off on a deep-sea expedition! Choose your submarine, discover new technology, and avoid accumulating leaks as you explore the ocean depths in search of the lost city of Atlantis!

  • An engaging, role-playing adventure experience for children.
  • Develop critical thinking through decision-based play.
  • Segmented pages allow for different choices and paths, and selection wheels for tracking progress!
  • Learn from past decisions! Choices made influence the story and lead to different outcomes.
  • Replay the story as a different character or by choosing different paths.
1. Product Description

Venture deep underwater in search of the lost city of Atlantis and an incredible treasure!
Start on the shore and progress through various marine ecosystems. Along the way you will encounter aquatic flora and fauna, face a fearsome sea monster, and find a long-lost treasure

Children will choose one of three submarines to pilot, each with different specialties. As they play through the adventure they will collect new technologies to upgrade their submarines. But beware! Too many poor decisions will lead to the accumulation of leaks and returning to shore.

There are multiple endings with different levels of success. Through the process of making choices and learning from outcomes, children will grow in experience and be engouraged to use critical-thinking and deduction to overcome challenges

Selecting different characters, or choosing different paths, means that they will return to this book for a new adventure, time and time again!

2. Features
  • Choose one of three submarines: the agile Manta, the zippy Swordfish, or the hardy Behemoth.
  • Three selection wheels track technology discovered along the journey, as well as leaks accumulated.
  • The choices diverge on segmented pages! Choose one of the options and see the outcome based on your previous decisions.
  • Replay the story as different characters and making different choices.
  • Children can play on their own, or with an adult as a perfect story time adventure.
3. Specifications

Ages: 6+ (3+ With A Guardian!)
Adventure Length: 15 - 45 minutes
Page Count: 32 (7 segmented sections)
Size: 11" x 8" x 1"
Weight: 17.3 oz.
SKU: FFP1120
UPC: 197644409365
ISBN: 979-8-9890310-0-9
Published by Fable Fox Press
Designed by Gameflow

My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis
My First Adventure: Discovering Atlantis

In This Book

  • Themes

    Underwater Flora & Fauna, Treasure Hunting, Confronting a Sea Monster

  • Discussion Topics

    Courage, Contemplation, & Exploration - Admiring Nature Respectfully

  • Characters

    Choice of Submarine With a Specialty: Agility, Resistance, Speed

  • Gain/Loss Mechanic

    Discover Technology To Upgrade Your Submarine, Avoid Accumulating Leaks

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Parrish
Super cool books!

We are a homeschool family and read a lot!! My brother Cole sent us these books b’c he thought we would like and he was right. They are so clever and I can see how they draw not only my kids but myself into the book in an interactive decision tree format that changes the story each time as you figure out how to conquer the mission. It’s like multiple books in one. Very cool idea, had never seen anything like it. We got 3!!

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