As we expand our product catalog, we are always looking for great projects and submissions! Please use the form below to reach out, or email us directly with any attachments.

The Process

Currently Fable Fox Press is looking to only release a handful of products annually. Nonetheless we would love to see stories or finished projects that are in need of a publisher. Also, if you have any games or other fantasy-themed children's products that may be a good fit in our catalog, please feel free to share those as well!

Similarly, we love it when illustrators share their portfolio in order to be added to our list for potential future collaborations. Please send us a link to your portfolio, and references to published works.

What We're Looking For

Fable Fox Press is looking for unique children's products within the fantasy, adventure, and exploration category. Geeky and nerdy themes are also a huge plus! Barbarians, elves, dragons, magic, or foreign realms - all the incredible content that adults have access to that is missing from much of children's literature and products.

We are video-gamers, fantasy readers, manga lovers, tabletop board gamers, and Magic The Gathering players. If you have a story or product that can allow parents with similar hobbies share them with young children, we want to see it!

We prefer products that are in the final stage of completion (books with illustrations and layout already complete, or products beyond the prototype phase) but will gladly take a look at projects earlier in the process.

What To Send

Please send us an email with answers to the below questions:

  • A general overview of your concept/project/book.
  • Why this product would be a great fit for Fable Fox Press?
  • What is the history of the product (what sparked the idea? How long have you been working on it? Have you tried finding publishers already?).

Please also send the following if possible:

  • An overview document/Sell Sheet
  • For books please send the finished file. If this is not yet complete, send us what you have including the manuscript and illustration concepts/ideas.
  • For other products an overview video and rule book would be great.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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