• There is a whole world of exciting, unique play patterns out there, and it's our mission to bring them to you!

    We are a family-owned publishing company located in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to continue releasing unique products that are not only engaging and fun, but also promote the development of important social and critical thinking skills.

    When it comes to role-playing and adventure based products for young children, there simply aren't many options out there. Though these incredible experiences are a fantastic way for teens and adults to spend time, they can be even more valuable for young children. It's time to fill that gap!

    We hope to introduce families across North America to these special books, toys, and games - as well as bring some of own ideas to life.

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Meet Finley the Fox!

Meet our adventurous mascot, Finley! He can be seen on the Fable Fox Press logo, as well as throughout the website and social media channels. He will be your guide as he brings more stories back from his amazing adventures.

Help Us Bring More Stories!

In addition to releasing eight more My First Adventure books, we are working on a line of uniquely-themed children's books. We are also working on a prototype for a more advanced children's Role-Playing Storybook system!

Ultimately we hope to become a platform for authors to release fantasy or geeky children's books!

You can help us grow, bring more products to market, and support our mission. Please follow us on social media, review and share our books, and send in feedback to improve the brand.

We cannot wait to go on this journey with you all!

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